Main Hall Page of Rhymes

Okay, here's the deal. I few of the regulars (Shilo, Funky, April, and myself, AmpQueen) Got together one saturday morning and out of boredom, The Main Hall of Rhymes was born! So, I hope you enjoy, even though a few are quite coy... *l*

Shilo 12:35 PM CST who's happy..who's sad...and who's feelin like being bad.?

AmphetamineQueen 12:38 PM CST Shi... I just feel grand.. not mad or sad, or even bad... and no, I do not like green eggs and ham, Sam I am... *lol*

Shilo 12:39 PM CST ampy//me too....notmad...nor sad....but I always feel a little bad...I do not like green eggs and ham..said Sam I am..

Shilo 12:40 PM CST this is good it's like a walk...why the fck won't someone talk?lol

AmphetamineQueen 12:41 PM CST Oh my... poor shi... Why not try green eggs and Ham, Sam I am told me that three would make you feel swell. :)

Shilo 12:41 PM CST hmmmmmmmm...I like a man who's skin is brown...especially when he lays me down.......OMG!!!! what I won't say make it rhyme!well it's in time!

feelingfunky 12:42 PM CST nama saya sam ....sam nama saya. ...dan saya berbelanja hitam ayam dan babi...(indonesian for sam i am)

Shilo 12:42 PM CST feeling dives...and I survives..I poked him in his darlin eyes.....

AmphetamineQueen 12:43 PM CST eddie kotcha catcha cama tosinary tosoanokia sammay cammy wakky brown. *lol* Garrett taught me that one... (huskerman)

Shilo 12:43 PM CST Shilo's on a rhyming make it work I'll even say dyck!

Shilo 12:44 PM CST ampy is a sweet young lass...she loves it when you slap her

Shilo 12:45 PM CST pissed??????..not a chance....I'm the one who wears the pants....?????????????? huh????? *ROFLMWTO*

AmphetamineQueen 12:45 PM CST Shi is a friendly Irish girl... but she will never give cybering a whirl... *lol*

feelingfunky 12:45 PM CST our mate shi is pure we think....but no one knows she loves her drink!

feelingfunky 12:50 PM CST AQ...i have something to me you'll thank...just bend'll get your spank..!...(who's your daddy!)

feelingfunky 12:52 PM CST would not like a spank i'm sure for you are're too pure!

Shilo 12:54 PM CST me too pure???????? surely you jest...I make love with vim and

Shilo 12:57 PM CST will you ppl kindly POST??? or yer asses will be toast..

Shilo 12:58 PM CST feeling likes to were some pumps? would be a laugh if yer down in the dumps

feelingfunky 12:59 PM CST no one makes love like our shi...but everyone loves you when youre bi!...(???)

Shilo 1:01 PM CST if you don't take the time to rhyme....we think of you as long green slime.....hahahhahahha!

feelingfunky 1:01 PM CST to cause hate or dissention...i was just hoping i'd rate a mention...

April 1:04 PM CST to sleep all day, one should be so lucky..but I'm awake and this day is really sucky..

April 1:08 PM CST do I want one, yes I do...maybe Ampy can join us too *L*

feelingfunky 1:10 PM CST april...heres a's extra large...and leave your cash..its free of charge!...*mighty squeeze!~*

April 1:10 PM CST a big ole hug is all I need, now I'm so happy I think I peed..

feeling funky 1:12 PM CST no need worry.... it felt lovely

April 1:14 PM CST funky..I bet it did, seeing as how I'm so soft and squooshy *L*

Shilo 1:42 PM CST lil

Shilo 2:22 PM CST ampy! that is too funny...yer a sharp one hunny!

Shilo 2:27 PM CST Amy....yer cruising for a bruisin, little lass....I'll catch you..hug you..and then I'll kick yer ass!

Shilo 2:28 PM CST if my Ampy was a doode..if you spanked her she'd get woode!!!!!!

April 2:29 PM CST a powerful squizz from my pal funky..boy now I'm really feeling spunky..

Shilo 2:30 PM CST OH MY GAWD!....hide the shrooms!

Shilo 2:35 PM CST damn! did that freaking troll DIE????..or was he just high on rye?

April 2:36 PM CST he was in the wrong room, that old forest troll...bless his heart..bless his poor soul *sigh*

April 2:38 PM CST Shi's a rhymer, yes she is! let's all give her a big SQUIZZ!!!!!!!

Shilo 2:38 PM CST *really wants to see this troll...does he have nads...? or just a bowl?

April 2:40 PM CST Char Char's got the goofies!! haha..that just tickles my ivories *L*

Shilo 2:40 PM CST the rain in Spain in my ass gives me a pain..

Shilo 2:41 PM CST April likes her ivories tickled...I prefer my cucumbers pickled

Shilo 2:42 PM CST do you want to call this quits..cuzz some of it is really the

April 2:43 PM CST Shi..yer a nut..and I'm in a rhyming rut *L*

Shilo 2:43 PM CST now I bid you all adieu...and regular talk'll have in lieu~~~~~

April 2:44 PM CST no more rhyme? about damn time!!